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Effect of refeeding following short-term deprivation of feed or water, or both, on selected physiological parameters for broiler chickens.

Two experiments were conducted to determine the effects of refeeding broilers following a 12-h fast on body weight, serum glucose, serum protein, packed cell volume, hemoglobin, serum sodium, serum potassium, and plasma refractive index. Four fasting regimens were utilized in each experiment: 1) full feed and water (control); 2) no feed with full water; 3) full feed with no no water; and 4) no feed and no water (NFNW). Following the 12-h fast, all birds were returned to feed and water with ad libitum access. Birds deprived of feed or water, or both, for 12 h gained more weight attributable to feed and water consumption than did the control birds during the 12-h refeeding period. Following refeeding, serum glucose values for the birds receiving only water during the fast were higher initially than those for the control birds; glucose values for the NFNW birds returned to normal. Hemoglobin values for birds receiving no feed during the fast initially were higher than for the control group after refeeding. The other blood parameters measured remained virtually unchanged during the 12 h monitored after refeeding.[1]


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