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Antiviral and cytotoxicity evaluation of 3-nitro-3-deazauridine.

3-Nitro-3-deazauridine (3N-3DU) is a new synthetic nucleoside having activity against members of 5 RNA virus families including: paramyxoviruses (parainfluenza, PIV), picornaviruses (rhino-, RV), rhabdoviruses (vesicular stomatitis, VSV), togaviruses (Semliki Forest, SFV) and bunyaviruses (Punta Toro, PTV). In this report, we evaluate and compare its activity with the parent nucleoside, 3-deazauridine (3DU) and ribavirin as drug standards. Comparison of drug activities utilizes observations of antiviral indices, which are determined by the following formula: maximum tolerated dose (MTD)/minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC). The antiviral index (AI) of 3N-3DU (AI 15.3) was comparable to ribavirin and much higher than 3DU when evaluated against PIV. The 3N-3DU was the most active of the three when tested against RV (AI 24.1), SFV (AI 76.9) or VSV (AI 50). In contrast to the RV activity, 3N-3DU (AI 0.5) and 3DU (AI less than 0.1) were less active than ribavirin (AI 1.3) when evaluated against poliovirus, type 1 (PoV). Ribavirin (AI 10.0) was more active than 3N-3DU (AI 2.4) and 3DU (AI less than 0.1) against PTV. 3N-3DU exhibited comparable toxicity to ribavirin in KB cells, was 4-fold less toxic in WISH cells and 4-fold more toxic in LLC-MK2 cells. Overall, 3N-3DU is markedly less toxic than its parent nucleoside, 3DU. It appears from this study that the structural modification of 3DU resulting from the addition of the nitro group in the 3 position of the base reduces toxicity and enhances the antiviral activity.[1]


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