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Prostaglandin I2 synthase in the lymphatic endothelium of rat liver as revealed by preembedding immunoelectron microscopy.

Localization of prostaglandin I2 synthase-like immunoreactivity (PGI2SI) in the lymphatic endothelium of rat liver was investigated by means of preembedding immunoelectron microscopy. Vesicular and multivesicular bodies with PGI2SI were closely apposed to Golgi complexes of the endothelial cells. Membrane-bounded PGI2SI structures including vesicular and dense bodies were also present beneath the endothelial plasmalemma on both luminal and abluminal sides. Other organelles within the endothelial cells did not exhibit PGI2SI. These findings are consistent with previous biochemical and physiological studies suggesting prostaglandin I2 is produced in the Golgi apparatus and released into luminal and abluminal spaces through membrane-bounded structures containing PGI2SI.[1]


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