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Determination of fluazifop-butyl and fluazifop acid in soybeans and soybean oil using liquid chromatography with oxidative amperometric detection.

A new method is described for the determination of the herbicide fluazifop-butyl, and its metabolite fluazifop acid, in soybeans and soybean oil as fluazifop acid. Liquid chromatography with amperometric detection (LC/AD) is used to determine fluazifop acid produced from the metabolism or base hydrolysis of fluazifop-butyl in soybeans and soybean oil. These foods were spiked with fluazifopbutyl at 0.05, 0.10, and 0.50 ppm and hydrolyzed with 0.2N NaOH in methanol. The hydrolysate (adjusted to pH less than or equal to 1) is extracted with dichloromethane and the extract is washed with 1.0% NaHCO3. The NaHCO3 is acidified to pH less than or equal to 1 and extracted with dichloromethane; the partitioning is repeated 2 more times. The dichloromethane is removed, mobile phase solvent is added, and aliquots are injected onto a PRP-1 liquid chromatographic column; fluazifop acid is separated from coextracted compounds and detected at an applied potential of + 1.25 V, using an amperometric electrochemical detector in the oxidation mode. Recoveries ranged from 69 +/- 6.5 to 101 +/- 18% and from 72 +/- 7.5 to 88 +/- 11% for soybeans and soybean oil, respectively. Accuracy of these recoveries was confirmed by use of 14C-radiolabeled fluazifop-butyl and by liquid scintillation spectrometry of the 14C-fluazifop acid released.[1]


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