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Effect of sialoadenectomy on adaptive cytoprotection in the rat.

In the present study we have investigated the effect of sialoadenectomy in the rat on adaptive cytoprotection induced by intragastric instillation of an irritant concentration of ethanol (10% wt/vol). Gastric mucosae were examined 1 h after oral administration of 100% ethanol. In animals with intact salivary glands, pretreatment with saline was followed 15 min later by 100% ethanol. This treatment was associated with a significant degree of mucosal damage. However, prior administration of 10% ethanol in place of saline reduced the area of ulceration. In sialoadenectomized rats, the irritant concentration of ethanol did not protect the gastric mucosa from the damaging actions of absolute ethanol. The effect was partially restored if sialoadenectomized rats were treated for 3 days with an aqueous extract of rat salivary gland tissue. Histologic examination revealed no differences in the extent of epithelial damage or adherent mucus between rats with intact salivary glands and sialoadenectomized rats following pretreatment with either saline or 10% ethanol. Although adaptive cytoprotection in animals with intact salivary glands was not associated with increases in mucosal capacities for prostaglandin E2 or 6-keto prostaglandin F1 alpha biosynthesis, sialoadenectomy resulted in a reduction in the mucosal biosynthetic capacities for both prostanoids. Salivary gland extract administration to sialoadenectomized rats did not significantly alter mucosal prostaglandin biosynthesis levels. These data suggest that salivary gland factors affected adaptive cytoprotection induced by an irritant dose of ethanol. Although endogenous prostaglandin biosynthesis capabilities do not appear to be altered in adaptive cytoprotection, salivary factors appear to influence mucosal generation of prostaglandins.[1]


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