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Intracellular localization of the calcium- and calmodulin antagonist fendiline.

Microautoradiograpic studies of mouse heart sections were performed to evaluate intracellular localization of the antianginal drug fendiline (Sensit). 15 microCi 3H-fendiline/g b. w. (0.5 mg/kg b.w.) were injected intravenously. 10 min p.a. the heart was removed and either frozen in acetone/dry ice or, after perfusion in situ with dextran 40 and formaldehyde, fixed in formaldehyde. Frozen, paraffin-embedded, and semithin epoxy resin sections were prepared and coated with Ilford K2 emulsion. After 7 to 30 days exposure and development in amidol silver grains were counted above cells, nuclei and extracellular space. The results show that fendiline is able to enter myocardial cells.[1]


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