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Late brain abscess years after severe cerebrocranial trauma with fronto-orbitobasal fracture.

An 8-year-old boy suffered severe craniocerebral trauma with left-sided fronto-orbitobasal fracture. The CT scan showed minor subdural air inclusions. The child recovered well and had no clinical signs of aftereffects. Eight years after the accident, symptoms of intracranial pressure developed progressively with nuchal rigidity and elevated temperature. The CT showed an extensive left fronto-orbitobasal abscess. The intraoperative finding was a brain prolapse both into the frontal sinus and into the ethmoidal cavity with a large dura-bone defect at the site of the former fracture line, which was closed with refobacin-bone-meal fibrin sealant plasty and glued periostal patch. The postoperative course was unremarkable. Evidently, the accident had caused a brain prolapse into the bone defect, which prevented liquorrhea. Due to the lack of bone and dura barrier, a late brain abscess developed in the course of sinusitis. In such cases, primary surgical revision seems to be indicated.[1]


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