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Replication of duck hepatitis B virus in primary duck hepatocytes and its dependence on the state of differentiation of the host cell.

Primary duck hepatocytes obtained from Pekin ducks congenitally infected with duck hepatitis B virus were used to monitor expression of viral proteins and replication of viral DNA in cell culture. Duck hepatitis B virus core antigen, duck hepatitis B virus pre-surface antigen and duck hepatitis B virus DNA were detectable for at least 12 days after cell plating. Whereas expression of duck hepatitis B pre-surface antigen was constant during this time, expression of duck hepatitis B core antigen and of viral DNA rapidly declined. This diminished production of viral components in vitro was paralleled by a change of the hepatocytes toward a fibroblast-like morphology. Supplementation of cell culture medium with 2% dimethyl sulfoxide, a solvent known to maintain the differentiated state of cultured cells, retained competence of the cultured hepatocytes to express duck hepatitis B core antigen and duck hepatitis B virus DNA at high levels. In a second set of experiments, duck hepatitis B virus negative hepatocytes were infected with duck hepatitis B virus from serum of congenitally infected ducks. Dimethyl sulfoxide remarkably improved the competence of cultured duck hepatocytes to become productively infected. This function was maintained for at least 12 days postplating.[1]


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