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Morphologic changes in the rat enamel organ following a single intraperitoneal injection of sodium fluoride.

Enamel organs in developing teeth of young rats were studied after single intraperitoneal injections of a high dose of sodium fluoride (60 mg NaF/kg body wt.). The study employed primarily light microscopy, but electron microscopy was used to clarify some of the light microscopic findings. The pathogenesis of the fluoride-induced changes was followed during 72 h. Cellular changes were consistently found in the molars, but were never seen in the incisors. In the maxillary molars, ameloblastic injury was most commonly seen on the mesial surfaces of the cusps. One hour after injection, the most prominent findings were swollen mitochondria in the secretory ameloblasts and cleft formations between the ameloblasts and the enamel matrix. The clefts were filled with a stippled material. Some of the clefts gradually expanded to cystic cavities. The stippled material began to calcify after 24 h and formed small, darkly stained globules. After 72 h dearranged ameloblasts were found as islands intermingled with calcified rounded structures in the stellate reticulum. In stratum intermedium numerous atypic autophagic vacuoles appeared 2 h after injection. No light microscopic changes were observed in the postsecretory ameloblasts.[1]


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