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In vitro kinetics of a newborn rat astroglia-derived neuronotoxic activity.

A low-molecular weight astrocyte-derived neuronotoxic activity (ANTA) was detected, using a colorimetric bioassay of cell survival, by its effect on cultured granule cells. This neuronotoxic activity was found to be released rapidly from newborn rat astrocytes in culture upon incubation in 50 mM K+-containing growth medium. The release by astrocytes could be induced repetitively by successive incubations in high-K+ medium alternating with incubations in normal medium. Astrocytes were also found to inactivate rapidly isobutanol-extracted ANTA in normal K+-containing growth medium. Kinetic studies showed that ANTA induces a slow (greater than 12 h) degeneration of cultured granule cells. ANTA is shown here to be an intermediate of normal astrocyte metabolism and to display appropriate kinetic characteristics compatible with its proposed role in inducing part of the delayed neuronal loss that occurs after a brain injury (secondary neuronal death).[1]


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