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Ig gene rearrangement and expression in the progeny of B-cell progenitors in the course of clonal expansion in bone marrow cultures.

In cultures of murine bone marrow cells colonies of 10(3)-10(4) cells were identified which consisted to a large part of pre-B and B cells. Cell mixing experiments with genetically marked cells indicated that each colony is derived from a single progenitor cell not yet committed to the expression of either IgH locus. A concanavalin-A-mediated electrofusion method allowed us to rescue and amplify individual cells from a given colony by hybridization with X63.Ag8.653 cells. The molecular analysis of 12 such hybridomas revealed that all IgH loci were rearranged into DJH or productive or nonproductive VHDJH complexes. Most kappa and all lambda light chain loci were in germline configuration. Kappa chain expression was only seen in heavy (mu) chain expressing hybridomas. Hybridomas from a given colony were heterogeneous in terms of DJH and VHDJH rearrangements and in no cell was more than one productive VHDJH complex detected. None of the productive VHDJH complexes contained a VH gene of group 1 (J558), the largest VH gene family with about half of the VH genes. This is in marked contrast to VH gene usage in splenic B cells.[1]


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