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Retroviruses and insertional mutagenesis in mice: proviral integration at the Mov 34 locus leads to early embryonic death.

Thirty-four transgenic mouse strains, each carrying a single proviral insert, were generated by infection of preimplantation and postimplantation embryos with retroviruses. Animals homozygous for proviral integrations were derived for all strains with the exception of Mov 24, where the provirus is inserted on the Y chromosome, and Mov 34. Embryos homozygous at the Mov 34 locus develop normally to the blastocyst stage and die shortly after implantation, indicating that virus integration resulted in a recessive lethal mutation. The provirus and flanking sequences were cloned and the virus was mapped to the 5' side of an abundantly and ubiquitously transcribed gene. Similar to the previously derived Mov 13 mutation, proviral integration at the Mov 34 locus interferes with the expression of the adjacent gene. These and our previous results indicate that of a total of 48 proviral integrations in the germ line, two resulted in transgenic mouse strains with recessive lethal mutations.[1]


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