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Virus Integration

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Disease relevance of Virus Integration


High impact information on Virus Integration

  • Embryos homozygous at the Mov 34 locus develop normally to the blastocyst stage and die shortly after implantation, indicating that virus integration resulted in a recessive lethal mutation [6].
  • Upstream cellular sequences, cloned after amplification by polymerase chain reaction, hybridized to RNA from uninfected cells, indicating that the adjacent promoters were transcriptionally active prior to virus integration [7].
  • Here, we report that Graffi-1.4-induced AML frequently harbors virus integrations in the gene encoding the transcription factor Yin Yang 1 (YY1) [8].
  • Together with the molecular data from p53, hepatitis B virus integration and comparative genomic hybridization profiles, tumor nodules from five patients were confirmed with clonal relationship, and the expression profiles of the primary nodules were compared with their corresponding intrahepatic metastatic nodules [9].
  • Vertebrate orthologs of Exd and Hth, known as Pbx and Meis (named for a myeloid ecotropic leukemia virus integration site), respectively, are encoded by multigene families and are present in multimeric complexes together with vertebrate Hox proteins [10].

Biological context of Virus Integration


Anatomical context of Virus Integration

  • Despite the invariant position of the virus integration event, the three ABPL tumor cell lines we examined (ABPL-1, ABPL-2 and ABPL-4) produced three different sized proteins [14].
  • In those experiments where long-term in vitro cultures could be maintained over 5 weeks (all cord blood and 5 among 23 PBSC), efficient transduction of long-term culture initiating cell (LTC-IC) hematopoietic progenitors was demonstrated on the basis of both resistance to G418 and virus integration [15].

Gene context of Virus Integration


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