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Cytoplasmic reorganization during the resumption of meiosis in cultured preovulatory rat oocytes.

Changes in organelle topography and microtubule configuration have been studied during the resumption and progression of meiosis in cultured preovulatory rat oocytes. Germinal vesicle breakdown (GVBD) was reversibly inhibited by dibutyryl cAMP (DcAMP) or nocodazole, a microtubule-disrupting agent. The microtubule stabilizing agent taxol did not inhibit GVBD, but did impair further maturation. The migration of acidic organelles and chromatin in living oocytes was analyzed using the vital stains acridine orange and Hoechst 33258, respectively. Germinal vesicle stage oocytes undergo perinuclear aggregation of acidic organelles during GVBD and these organelles subsequently disperse into the cell cortex as the first meiotic spindle migrates to the oocyte periphery. DcAMP and nocodazole block the perinuclear aggregation of acidic organelles, whereas, in taxol-treated oocytes, organelle aggregation and GVBD occur but the dispersion of acidic organelles was arrested. Dose-response studies on the effects of nocodazole showed that GVBD was generally retarded and that a 50% inhibition of GVBD was achieved at concentrations in excess of 1.0 microM. Concentrations of taxol at 10 microM or above effectively inhibited both chromatin condensation and meiotic spindle formation. Indirect immunofluorescence microscopy with anti-tubulin antibodies revealed dissolution of microtubules with 1.0 microM nocodazole. Taxol had little effect on microtubule organization in germinal vesicle or chromatin condensation stage oocytes; however, when oocytes that had formed first meiotic spindles were treated with taxol, numerous microtubule asters appeared which were preferentially associated with the oocyte cortex. The changes in organelle topography, microtubule configuration, and drug sensitivity are discussed with respect to the regulation of cytoplasmic reorganization during the meiotic maturation of rat preovulatory oocytes.[1]


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