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Chemical Compound Review

dBcAMP     [(1R,6R,8R,9R)-8-[6- (butanoylamino)purin-9...

Synonyms: Bucladesina, bucladesine, Bucladesinum, DBC-AMP, Dibutyryl cAMP, ...
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  • To explore the possible benefits of cAMP analogs/agonists in organ preservation, we used a rat heterotopic cardiac transplant model; dibutyryl cAMP added to preservation solutions was associated with a time- and dose-dependent increase in the duration of cold storage associated with successful graft function [23].
  • C subunit translocations similar to those produced by forskolin also occur after treatment of MDBK cells with dibutyryl-cAMP, confirming that the observed effects are most likely mediated by elevation of intracellular cAMP levels [35].
  • Secretion is Cl- and HCO3- dependent and is stimulated by forskolin > dibutyryl cAMP > secretion but not by dideoxyforskolin, as assessed by video imaging techniques [36].
  • These effects of dBcAMP on transporter expression were qualitatively similar to those resulting from coculture with neurons, but immunocytochemistry showed the pattern of transporter expression to be more complex in the coculture preparations [37].
  • In contrast, pretreatment with intra-NAc infusions of a PKA activator, Sp-cAMPS or dibutyryl cAMP, increased baseline cocaine self-administration during the second hour of testing and shifted the dose-response curve to the right, consistent with an antagonist-like action [38].


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