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Augmentation of renal blood flow and sodium excretion in hypertensive patients during blood pressure reduction by intravenous administration of the dopamine1 agonist fenoldopam.

Activation of dopamine1 (DA1) receptors relaxes vascular smooth muscle, especially in the renal vascular bed. Fenoldopam, the first selective DA1-receptor agonist that can be administered to man, was infused intravenously in 17 patients with essential hypertension (mean blood pressure 152/101 mm Hg). It reduced blood pressure in a dose-dependent fashion at doses between 0.025 and 0.5 microgram/kg/min and the antihypertensive effect was sustained during 2 hr infusions. In 10 patients studied during free-water diuresis, fenoldopam increased renal plasma flow by 42%, glomerular filtration rate by 6%, and sodium excretion by 202%, while lowering mean arterial pressure by 12% (all p less than .05). Similar promotion of sodium excretion was observed during blood pressure reduction in six additional patients studied without water loading. Pronounced enhancement of renal function in spite of blood pressure reduction suggests that fenoldopam might have a special role in the treatment of patients with hypertension and renal impairment.[1]


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