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Chemical Compound Review

Corlopam     8-chloro-2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)- 4...

Synonyms: Carlacor, fenoldopam, Fenoldopamum, CHEMBL588, Carlacor (TN), ...
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Disease relevance of fenoldopam


Psychiatry related information on fenoldopam

  • Simultaneous bilateral infusion of various dose combinations of fenoldopam (2.5-10 micrograms) and quinpirole (5-20 micrograms) elicited dramatic increases in stereotyped behaviors relative to the effects produced by corresponding doses of each drug alone [6].
  • In nephrectomized rats, the blood pressure effects of fenoldopam (assessed as area under the infusion time-response curve) were more pronounced than in sham-operated controls [7].

High impact information on fenoldopam


Chemical compound and disease context of fenoldopam


Biological context of fenoldopam


Anatomical context of fenoldopam


Associations of fenoldopam with other chemical compounds


Gene context of fenoldopam

  • Reduction in the expression of caveolin-2 with antisense oligonucleotides attenuated the stimulatory effect of fenoldopam on cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) accumulation [23].
  • Inhibition with the PKA blocker H-89 (10 microM) abolished the effect of fenoldopam [24].
  • In kidney slices, inhibition of PKC (1 microM chelerythrine) or ERK1/2 (20 microM PD-098089) pathways did not prevent the fenoldopam-induced internalization [24].
  • Effects of dopamine DA1-receptor blockade and angiotensin converting enzyme inhibition on the renal actions of fenoldopam in the anaesthetized dog [25].
  • We suggest that the effect of fenoldopam on PRL and TSH is mainly at the hypothalamic level [26].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of fenoldopam


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