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An immunoassay of human band 5 ("tartrate-resistant") acid phosphatase that involves the use of anti-porcine uteroferrin antibodies.

We describe an immunoassay for human band-5 acid phosphatase in which antibodies to porcine uteroferrin, immobilized on Sepharose particles, are used. Band-5 acid phosphatase is the tartrate-resistant isoenzyme normally expressed in tissue macrophages such as osteoclasts and alveolar macrophages. The immunoassay is similar in reproducibility and sensitivity to assays based on inhibition by d-tartrate. However, compared with the latter, the greater specificity of the immunoassay makes it markedly less susceptible to errors arising from the presence of non-band-5 acid phosphatases, e.g., from prostate.[1]


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