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Gene mapping in chicken-Chinese hamster somatic cell hybrids. Serum albumin and phosphoglucomutase-2 structural genes on chicken chromosome 6.

Chicken phosphoglucomutase ( PGM-2), serum albumin, vitamin D binding protein ( Gc) and phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate amidotransferase (PPAT) structural genes have been mapped to chicken chromosome 6 using chicken-Chinese hamster somatic cell hybrids containing this chromosome as the only chicken genetic material. Chicken PGM-2 activity was detected in the hybrids using cellogel electrophoresis and a substrate, ribose-1-phosphate (R-1-P), that allows the detection of PGM-1 activity in mice and PGM-2 activity in humans. Chicken albumin sequences were detected in the hybrids with the use of a labelled chicken serum albumin cloned cDNA. Classical studies have shown linkage of the serum albumin and Gc genes, and the Gc gene also can be localized to chicken chromosome 6. The PPAT gene was localized to this chromosome in previous studies using these hybrids. A homologous linkage group has been identified in mammals and, therefore, a chromosomal linkage group containing at least four genes--Gc, serum albumin, PPAT, and PGM-2--has been conserved over a period of 300 million years, throughout both avian and mammalian evolution.[1]


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