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Differential activities of tolbutamide, tolazamide, and glyburide in vitro on rabbit myocardial membrane Ca2+-transporting ATPase activity.

At clinically achievable concentrations (10(-9) to 5 X 10(-6) M), tolbutamide and tolazamide are in vitro inhibitors of Ca2+-transporting ATPase activity in sarcolemma-enriched rabbit myocardial membranes (sulfonylurea IC50, 10(-7) M). Thyroid hormone stimulation of this calcium pump-associated enzyme in vitro has been previously reported; in our study, this hormonal action was shown to be inhibited by tolbutamide and tolazamide. In contrast to these two sulfonylureas, glyburide (up to 5 X 10(-6) M) had no effect on basal or thyroid hormone-stimulable Ca2+-ATPase activity in vitro. Studies of binding of radiolabeled purified calmodulin to heart membranes showed that tolbutamide and tolazamide inhibited this interaction, whereas glyburide had no effect on calmodulin binding. Addition of purified calmodulin (5-40 ng/micrograms membrane protein) to myocardial membranes incubated with 10(-7) M tolbutamide or tolazamide restored Ca2+-ATPase activity and thyroid hormone responsiveness of the enzyme. Inhibition by tolbutamide and tolazamide of myocardial sarcolemmal Ca2+-ATPase is a mechanism by which these two sulfonylureas may at least transiently raise resting sarcoplasmic Ca2+ concentration. This effect of sulfonylureas on Ca2+-ATPase is not expressed in the presence of the benzamide side chain of glyburide. The inhibitory action of certain sulfonylureas on Ca2+-ATPase is mediated by interference of the agents with the binding of calmodulin to cardiac membranes.[1]


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