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Receptors for Fc epsilon and Fc gamma are linked on mouse chromosome 1.

Recently isolated cDNA clones for the high affinity Fc epsilon receptors on mast cells and basophils (Fc epsilon RI alpha) and Fc gamma receptors on macrophages and lymphocytes (Fc gamma 2b/gamma 1R) are homologous members of the Ig supergene family. Analysis of the segregation of restriction fragment length polymorphism in crosses of inbred mice now establish that the structural genes encoding both Fc epsilon RI alpha and Fc gamma 2b/gamma 1R are indeed discrete genes and are linked at the distal end of mouse chromosome 1. This finding raises the possibility that a family of Fc receptors could be found in a region that is known to contain immunologically important markers of lymphocyte surface Ag and autoimmune defects.[1]


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