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Immunohistochemical expression of mammary tumor virus antigens in mammary glands of virgin mice, in relation to Mtv genes.

MTV antigens in the resting mammary glands of GRS/A, SHN, C3H, and Balb/c virgin mice were detected by immunoperoxidase techniques using antiserum against MTV whole virion, gp 52 or p 25 to differentiate the expression between endogenous and exogenous MTV. Balb/c mice were crossed to infect MTV into each reciprocal hybrid or fosternursed inbred. Immunohistochemical stainings of gp 52 in the formol-fixed sections were almost the same as those of the whole MTV virion, and the results on various cases were as follows: In the mice with endogenous GR-MTV, positivity was first observed at the age of 14 days, while the first expression of exogenous GR-MTV was delayed to the age of 140 days. The mice with endogenous and/or exogenous SHN-MTV showed the first antigen appearance at the age of 65 days, and those with exogenous C3H-MTV did at the age of 80 days. The virgins with only endogenous C3H-MTV came to express the antigen after the age of 200 days. Staining of p 25 in Carnoy-fixed sections of MTV-positive mammary glands was found in the supranuclear cytoplasm and apical surface of the glandular cells and the lumen, all of which are the site of A and B particles. By means of preembedding method for gp 52, the reaction products were ultrastructurally detected not only on the MTV-budding apical surface, together with the intraluminal B particles, but also on the MTV-free apical cell membrane of the glandular cells in the mammary gland of the GR virgins.[1]


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