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Coronavirus IBV: partial amino terminal sequencing of spike polypeptide S2 identifies the sequence Arg-Arg-Phe-Arg-Arg at the cleavage site of the spike precursor propolypeptide of IBV strains Beaudette and M41.

The spike protein of avian infectious bronchitis coronavirus comprises two glycopolypeptides S1 and S2 derived by cleavage of a proglycopolypeptide So, the nucleotide sequence of which has recently been determined for the Beaudette strain (Binns, M.M. et al., 1985, J. Gen. Virol. 66, 719-726). The order of the two glycopolypeptides within So is aminoterminus(N)-S1-S2-carboxyterminus(C). To locate the N-terminus of S2 we have performed partial amino acid sequencing on S2 from IBV-Beaudette labelled with [3H]serine and from the related strain labelled with [3H]valine, leucine and isoleucine. The residues identified and their positions relative to the N-terminus of S2 were: serine, 13; valine, 6, 12; leucine, none in the first 20 residues; isoleucine, 2, 19. These results identified the N-terminus of S2 of IBV-Beaudette as serine, 520 residues from the N-terminus of S1, excluding the signal sequence. Immediately to the N-terminal side of residue 520 So has the sequence Arg-Arg-Phe-Arg-Arg; similar basic connecting peptides are a feature of several other virus spike glycoproteins. It was deduced that for IBV-Beaudette S1 comprises 519 residues (Mr 57.0K) or 514 residues (56.2K) if the connecting peptide was to be removed by carboxypeptidase-like activity in vivo while S2 has 625 residues (69.2K). Nucleotide sequencing of the cleavage region of the So gene of IBV-M41 revealed the same connecting peptide as IBV-Beaudette and that the first 20 N-terminal residues of S2 of IBV-M41 were identical to those of the Beaudette strain. IBV-Beaudette grown in Vero cells had some uncleaved So; this was cleavable by 10 micrograms/ml of trypsin and of chymotrypsin. Partial N-terminal analysis of S1 from IBV-M41 identified leucine and valine residues at positions 2 and 9 respectively from the N-terminus. This confirms the identification, made by Binns et al. (1985), of the N-terminus of S1 and the end of the signal sequence of the IBV-Beaudette spike propolypeptide. N-terminal sequencing of [3H]leucine-labelled IBV-Beaudette membrane (M) polypeptide showed leucine residues at positions 8, 16 and 22 from the N-terminus; these results confirm the open reading frame identified by M.E.G. Boursnell et al. (1984, Virus Res. 1, 303-313) in the nucleotide sequence of M. The N-terminus of the nucleocapsid ( N) polypeptide appeared to be blocked.[1]


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