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Association of turkey erythrocyte beta-adrenoceptors with a specific lipid component.

We have recently reported that the highly potent beta-adrenergic affinity label [125I]bromoacetylamino cyanopindolol ([125I]BAM-CYP) irreversibly blocks the turkey erythrocyte beta-adrenoceptor binding site by combining with a receptor-associated non-protein component. In this communication, we report: lipid labelling is inhibited by beta 1-adrenergic ligands with the potency ratio and stereospecificity characteristic for the turkey erythrocyte beta 1-adrenoceptor; the tagged component is a glycolipid, probably a ganglioside; [125I]BAM-CYP-blocked receptor, after solubilization in deoxycholate, can be separated from the [125I]BAM-CYP-glycolipid with restoration of the binding capacity of the beta 1-adrenoceptor protein; the tightly associated [125I]BAM-CYP-labelled glycolipid can be displaced by a glycolipid mixture extracted from turkey erythrocyte membranes but not by bovine brain gangliosides, when the blocked receptor is solubilized in digitonin. This is the first direct demonstration that a receptor protein is associated with a specific membrane lipid. The possibility that glycolipids play a role in receptor-mediated signal transduction is discussed in view of these findings and in view of data from the literature.[1]


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