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Characterization and mutational analysis of a cluster of three genes expressed preferentially during sporulation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

A differential hybridization screen of a genomic yeast DNA library previously identified 14 genes of Saccharomyces cerevisiae that are expressed preferentially during sporulation. Three of these sporulation-specific genes, SPS1, SPS2, and SPS3, have been shown to be closely linked. A mutational analysis has demonstrated that expression of the SPS1 gene, but not the SPS2 gene, is essential for the completion of sporulation. A diploid MATa/MAT alpha strain homozygous for a disruption of the SPS1 gene failed to form asci when subjected to sporulation conditions. The 3' end of the transcript encoded by the SPS1 gene was found to map only 185 base pairs from the 5' end of the SPS2 gene. The SPS1-SPS2 intergenic region was shown to contain all of the regulatory sequences necessary for the sporulation-specific activation of the SPS2 gene as assessed by expression of a translational SPS2-lacZ fusion gene present on a replicating, centromere-containing plasmid. The fusion gene was found to be expressed at the same time during sporulation as the chromosomal wild-type SPS2 gene.[1]


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