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Improved local control of thoracic disease in small cell lung cancer with higher dose thoracic irradiation and cyclic chemotherapy.

Over the past decade, improvement in survival has developed for patients with small cell lung carcinoma (SCLC) due to treatment strategies that include: cyclic combination chemotherapy, thoracic irradiation, and prophylactic cranial irradiation. In this study, we assess the outcome of treatment with initial cyclic combination chemotherapy including: cyclophosphamide, VP 16-123 and methotrexate combined with radiotherapy (RT), 6000 cGY [corrected] to the thorax for patients with limited disease and 3000 cGy [corrected] for patients with extensive disease. Forty-six patients are evaluated: 26 patients with limited disease and 20 with extensive disease. In patients who received 6000 cGy [corrected], to thoracic lesions, in combination with chemotherapy, administered for 3 courses prior to and following RT, the rate of clinically detected failure in the thorax was 3.8%. Morbidity was considered acceptable, although the occurrence of encephalopathy in 6 of 19 cases who received cranial irradiation, 3000 cGy [corrected], and concomitant chemotherapy was a serious consequence. Control of the primary tumor achieved by the use of higher dose RT is shown to be superior to that observed at lower doses of RT. This suggests that for the small cohort of patients whose disease is truly limited at the time of diagnosis, therapeutic regimens, which include higher dose RT, could increase the number of long term survivors of SCLC.[1]


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