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Tissue-specific expression of a vimentin--desmin hybrid gene in transgenic mice.

We have introduced a hybrid gene, pVVim2, composed of the 5' region of the hamster vimentin gene encoding the head and rod domain of vimentin and the 3' region of the hamster desmin gene encoding the tail domain of desmin, into the germ line of mice by pronuclear injection. RNA and protein analysis of mice transgenic for this construct showed that the pVVim2 gene was expressed at high levels in a developmental and tissue-specific manner. This indicates that the vimentin-derived segment of the fusion gene contains all the regulatory elements required for vimentin-specific expression. Immunohistochemical staining of fibroblast cultures derived from the transgenic mice with antibodies specific for vimentin and desmin demonstrated that the pVVim2 protein is assembled into filaments that co-localize with the endogenous vimentin filaments. The expression of pVVim2 protein in mesenchymal cells does not interfere with the function of vimentin in these cells.[1]


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