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Gene Review

Vim  -  vimentin

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Vimentin
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Disease relevance of Vim


Psychiatry related information on Vim


High impact information on Vim

  • While these results leave open the question of the possible role of vimentin in unusual situations or pathological conditions, they show that a conspicuous developmental and cell-specific structure that is an integral part of the cytoskeleton can be eliminated without apparent effect on mouse reproduction and development [8].
  • Mice lacking vimentin develop and reproduce without an obvious phenotype [8].
  • To address the biological role of vimentin in the context of the living organism, we have introduced a null mutation of the vimentin gene into the germ line of mice [8].
  • Localization of newly synthesized vimentin subunits reveals a novel mechanism of intermediate filament assembly [9].
  • During adipose conversion of murine 3T3-L1 cells, the arrangement of vimentin intermediate filaments (IFs) changes from an extended fibrillar state to a complex cage formation tightly associated with the forming lipid globules [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Vim


Biological context of Vim


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Regulatory relationships of Vim


Other interactions of Vim

  • In embryonic stages, E9-12, anti-ELF localized to the primary brain vesicular cells that also labeled strongly with anti-nestin but not anti-vimentin [40].
  • The co-expression of mesenchymal marker alpha-smooth muscle (alpha-SMA), fibronectin and vimentin with E-cadherin in these dermal cells was further examined [41].
  • Further analysis revealed several domains of significant similarity (50%) between all alpha-helices of the rod domain of vimentin and the N-terminal (approximately 210 residues) activation domain tpr of the oncogenic raf [18].
  • K8, K19, and vimentin were undetectable in both lines [42].
  • No differences were observed in E-cadherin and vimentin immunostain in palatal epithelium between the strains [43].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Vim


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