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Involvement of the spore coat in germination of Bacillus cereus T spores.

Bacillus cereus T spores were prepared on fortified nutrient agar, and the spore coat and outer membrane were extracted by 0.5% sodium dodecyl sulfate-100 mM dithiothreitol in 0.1 M sodium chloride (SDS-DTT) at pH 10.5 (coat-defective spores). Coat-defective spores in L-alanine plus adenosine germinated slowly and to a lesser extent than spores not treated with SDS-DTT, as determined by decrease in absorbance and release of dipicolinic acid and Ca2+. Spores germinated in calcium dipicolinate only after treatment with SDS-DTT. Biphasic and triphasic germination kinetics were observed with normal and coat-defective spores, respectively, in an environment with temperature increasing from 20 to 65 degrees C at a rate of 1 degree C/ min. Therefore, the physical and biochemical processes involved in germination are modified by coat removal. The data suggest that a portion of the germination apparatus located interior to the coat may be protected by the coat and outer membrane or that the coat and outer membrane otherwise enhance germination in L-alanine plus adenosine. When coat-defective spores were heat activated with the dialyzed (12,000-Mr cutoff) components extracted from the spores, germination of the SDS-DTT-treated spores was enhanced; thus, one or more components located in the spore coat or outer membrane with a molecular weight greater than 12,000 were essential for fast germination.[1]


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