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Postpartum interval in beef cows shortened by enclomiphene.

This study was designed to determine whether an anti-estrogen can block the negative effect of estrogens on luteinizing hormone (LH) release and therefore decrease the postpartum interval in suckled beef cows. In Exp. I, eight suckled postpartum beef cows were randomly assigned to treatment and control groups. Treatment cows received 1 g/d clomiphene citrate (im) from d 21 to 28 postpartum, while control cows were injected with saline. On d 28 postpartum, there was no difference (P greater than .05) in mean total and basal LH concentrations or LH pulse frequency between treatment and control cows. All control cows exhibited estrus on d 52 +/- 3; treatment cows exhibited estrus on d 134 +/- 12 (P less than .05). In Exp. II, 17 suckled cows were randomly assigned to three treatment groups: 1) control group (n = 6) receiving one empty implant, 2) 10-cm enclomiphene implant group (n = 5) and 3) 30-cm enclomiphene implant group (n = 6). The silastic implants were placed sc on d 20 and removed on d 29 postpartum. Mean total LH concentrations during d 24 to 29 postpartum in the 30-cm enclomiphene implant group were higher than the 10-cm implant (P less than .05) and control group (P less than .05). The postpartum period in the 30-cm enclomiphene group (45 +/- 6 d) was shorter than the 10-cm implant (94 +/- 24 d) and control (96 +/- 20 d) groups (P less than .05).(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[1]


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