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Hyperactivity and instrumental learning deficits in methylazoxymethanol-treated rat offspring.

Several changes of spontaneous motor and learned behaviours were obtained in the male offspring of pregnant rats that were treated on gestation day 15 with the antimitotic agent methylazoxymethanol (MAM, 25 mg/kg). MAM-treated offspring, when tested at adult ages, showed notable increases in motor activity parameters as measured by direct observation or in automated photocell test cages. This hyperactive state was accompanied by clear impairments by MAM offspring in the acquisition of instrumental learning in a radial arm maze and in a circular swim maze. In Skinner boxes, MAM offspring made fewer responses during the Fixed Ratio (FR) 1 schedule but did not differ from the saline offspring in the acquisition of the difficult differential-reinforcement-of-low-rates (DRL) 72 sec task. Neurochemical assays indicated that the MAM rats had elevated noradrenaline and dopamine levels in several brain regions. These findings are discussed with regard to possible alterations of habituation processes in MAM rats.[1]


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