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Modulation of experimental allergic neuritis in rats by in vivo treatment with monoclonal anti T cell antibodies.

Monoclonal antibodies (MCA) to different T lymphocyte cell surface antigens have been used to treat rats during different phases of the development of experimental allergic neuritis (EAN). The effects of this treatment were followed by clinical evaluation and in some instances by immunohistochemical analysis of lymphoid organs and affected nerves of the antibody-treated rats. Several MCA, W3/13 (pan T cell reactive), W3/25 (anti-rat CD4), Ox 8 (anti-rat CD8) as well as Ox 6 (anti-Ia) partly prevented clinical signs of EAN when given shortly before expected onset of disease, whereas W3/13 and Ox 8 given at the height of disease did not further affect disease development. However, Ox 19 (anti-rat CD5) given at the same time as immunization partly prevented clinical signs of EAN, while Ox 19 given shortly before expected onset of disease or during height of disease drastically exaggerated disease symptoms. Immunohistochemical studies after Ox 8 or Ox 19 treatment showed a complete absence of staining for the respective antibodies, while staining was preserved with the other MCA. It is concluded that: (1) Ox 8 positive "suppressor/cytotoxic" T lymphocytes do not exert any suppressive effects on EAN during the now investigated phases of disease, and that (2) anti T lymphocyte antibodies (here Ox 19) may exert opposite effects on autoimmune disease when given at different phases of disease development. This may have implications for potential therapeutic trials of MCA therapy for putative autoimmune demyelinating diseases in man.[1]


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