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Twice daily beclomethasone dipropionate administered with a concentrated aerosol inhaler: efficacy and patient compliance.

The efficacy of twice daily inhaled beclomethasone dipropionate administered by a concentrated aerosol inhaler (one puff twice daily-500 micrograms/day) has been compared with that of treatment four times daily with a standard dose inhaler (two puffs four times daily-400 micrograms/day) in 21 patients with stable asthma. Double placebo inhalers were used in a randomised crossover fashion during two four week treatment periods. Mean peak expiratory flow (PEF), mean symptom scores, and number of extra salbutamol inhalations required were not significantly different between the two treatment periods. Local side effects were more common during treatment with the four times daily active preparation; overt oropharyngeal candidiasis, however, was not found in either group during the study. On completion of the crossover study patients were transferred to the twice daily regimen. At the three month follow up all patients had remained stable and the outpatient PEF was significantly higher (mean 382 (SD 26)l min-1) than at entry into the trial (mean 345 (24)l min-1) (p less than 0.05). Twice daily beclomethasone administered by a concentrated aerosol inhaler appears to be as effective as the standard four times daily regimen in controlling stable asthma.[1]


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