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Nebulizers and Vaporizers

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Disease relevance of Nebulizers and Vaporizers


Psychiatry related information on Nebulizers and Vaporizers

  • METHODS: Patients referred by their hospital doctor to the smoking cessation counsellor and who agreed to participate in the study were randomised to receive either NRT given as a nicotine patch daily and a nicotine inhalator on an as needed basis plus advice and support (AS+NRT), or to receive just advice and support (AS) [6].
  • This report describes a precocious eight-year-old child who presented with hallucinations from excessive use of albuterol inhalers [7].

High impact information on Nebulizers and Vaporizers


Chemical compound and disease context of Nebulizers and Vaporizers


Biological context of Nebulizers and Vaporizers


Anatomical context of Nebulizers and Vaporizers


Associations of Nebulizers and Vaporizers with chemical compounds


Gene context of Nebulizers and Vaporizers

  • The influence of pressure swings on the output of Dräger Vapor, Dräger Vapor 19, Cyprane Fluotec Mark 2, Cyprane Fluotec Mark 3 and Ohio halothane vaporizers was investigated [33].
  • Anaesthesia was maintained for 10 min with vaporizer setting isoflurane 2 vol% and FGF 4 l/min for full-tissue anaesthetic uptake in a semi-closed circle system [34].
  • Effectiveness of four different inhalers in COPD [35].
  • The association we observed between inhalers and the DRD4 polymorphism is difficult to interpret, although it is possible that the association is explained by different levels of novelty seeking between the two subgroups [36].
  • We attempted to detect the presence of airborne SARS-coronavirus (CoV) in a healthcare setting when a patient with SARS used a humidifier or a large-volume nebulizer (LVN) [37].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Nebulizers and Vaporizers


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