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Dietary suppression of prostaglandin synthesis does not accelerate DOCA/salt hypertension in rats.

1. This study investigated the effects of dietary modification of prostaglandin (PG) synthesis on blood pressure regulation in DOCA/salt-treated rats. 2. After an initial 4 week period on either a 2-series PG 'inhibitory' diet of fish oil (Max EPA), A 'stimulatory' diet of safflower oil or a control diet of saturated fat, three groups of rats were placed on a DOCA/salt regimen for a further 4 weeks. Another group on the saturated fat diet continued their diet without DOCA/salt administration. 3. All the DOCA-treated groups showed a marked increase in blood pressure. However, both polyunsaturated fat (PUFA)-fed groups had blood pressures significantly lower then the saturated fat control. 4. Rats on the Max EPA showed impaired ability to generate prostanoids in vitro (serum, aorta and kidney) and in vivo (urinary PG excretion). DOCA administration increased urinary PGE2 excretion. 5. Thus, dietary suppression of 2-series PG is not accompanied by accelerated DOCA/salt hypertension. The reduction in blood pressure observed in both the safflower and Max EPA-fed groups may be due to PUFA-induced changes in cell membrane fluidity.[1]


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