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Felodipine versus Moduretic. A double-blind parallel-group multicentre study.

In a double-blind parallel-group study 133 patients with mild to moderate essential hypertension were randomised to felodipine 5mg twice daily or Moduretic mite every morning after a run-in placebo period of 1 to 2 weeks. All previous antihypertensive therapy was withdrawn at the start of the run-in period. After 4 weeks the dose of felodipine was increased to 10mg twice daily, and Moduretic mite was replaced by Moduretic in patients with a diastolic blood pressure of greater than 80mm Hg. On the low dose, the supine blood pressure on felodipine was reduced by 24/14mm Hg from 174/105mm Hg, and on Moduretic mite by 19/11mm Hg from 171/103mm Hg. After the increase in dosage blood pressure was lowered further. There was no statistically significant difference in blood pressure reduction between the 2 groups. Severe adverse drug experiences (ADEs) were few and equally distributed. However, more felodipine patients were withdrawn because of ADEs. Potassium levels decreased and uric acid levels increased significantly in the Moduretic group.[1]


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