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Inhibition of fatty acid beta oxidation by influenza B virus and salicylic acid in mice: implications for Reye's syndrome.

Injection of concentrated influenza B/Lee/40 virus into 4-week-old Balb C mice resulted in 60% inhibition of 14C-palmitate oxidation in isolated hepatic mitochondria. Oral feeding of carnitine to infected mice prevented the inhibition of fatty acid oxidation. High concentrations of salicylic acid given orally also inhibited 14C-palmitate oxidation. Serum free fatty acid concentrations of infected mice and of those fed salicylic acid were significantly higher than in control mice. A combination of low-dose virus and low-dose salicylic acid inhibited palmitate oxidation, suggesting an additive effect on the metabolic derangement when the two agents were present simultaneously.[1]


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