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Early sequelae of gunshot wounds to the spine: radiologic diagnosis.

During a 6-month period, 11 consecutive patients who had delayed neurologic deterioration after sustaining a gunshot wound to the spine were prospectively evaluated clinically, radiologically, and surgically. The patients had dysesthetic burning pain in an anesthetic area, hyperhidrosis, flexor spasm, and additional motor deficit above the level of cord injury 2-22 weeks after injury. Radiologic evaluation consisted of plain radiography of the spine and metrizamide myelography followed by computed tomography. A syringomyelic cavity was found in seven patients, an arachnoid cyst in three, and osteomyelitis in one. Seven of these patients also had cord atrophy. Postoperatively, dysesthetic pain was relieved in all the patients. There was no recurrence during a 2-year follow-up. These results emphasize the need for immediate radiologic investigation in patients with gunshot wounds of the spine who have further deterioration superimposed on their initial deficit.[1]


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