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Genes for chromosomal proteins expressed before and after meiosis.

Cloned gene sequences have been isolated for two testis-specific chromosomal proteins, one of which, histone ( H1t), appears during meiosis, whereas the other, transition protein 1 ( TP1), appears only during the later steps of spermatid development. Aspects of the regulation of each gene have been examined. In the case of H1t, analysis of its promoter region shows that it contains excellent matches to each of the four sequence homologies identified for the usual somatic H1 variants, so that the factor(s) that restrict H1t expression to spermatocytes remain a mystery. In the case of TP1, a cDNA clone allowed identification of its message by Northern blots as well as by in situ hybridization. The message appears postmeiotically in late round spermatids but is translationally repressed until the spermatid nucleus begins to condense.[1]


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