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Effect of sorbinil on blood-retinal barrier in early diabetic retinopathy.

To study the effect of sorbinil on the alteration of the blood-retinal barrier, 32 adult-onset, non-insulin-dependent diabetic patients with minimal or no retinopathy were randomly assigned to receive either oral sorbinil (250 mg once a day) or a placebo for 6 mo. All patients underwent fundus photography, fluorescein angiography, and vitreous fluorophotometry before treatment and at 3 and 6 mo after treatment. Vitreous fluorophotometry data showed that the alteration of the blood-retinal barrier increased significantly less in the sorbinil-treated group compared with the placebo group during the 6-mo study period. Side effects were limited to hypersensitivity reactions, with skin rash and fever, in only 2 of the 16 patients who received the drug. These hypersensitivity reactions disappeared with discontinuation of the medication. Aldose-reductase inhibition may play an important role in stabilization of the blood-retinal barrier in early diabetic retinopathy.[1]


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