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Evidence for multiple uterine modulators of rabbit luteal function: the effect of hysterectomy during pseudopregnancy in the estrogen-treated rabbit.

Previous studies show that hysterectomy on Day 1 of pseudopregnancy prolongs serum progesterone secretion in estrogen-treated pseudopregnant rabbits. These studies were undertaken to determine the day of pseudopregnancy when uterine factors are released to alter luteal function. When hysterectomies were performed on either Day 5, 8, 10, or 13 of pseudopregnancy, serum progesterone concentrations were greater than 10 ng/ml between Days 18 and 27 of pseudopregnancy compared to levels of approximately 4 ng/ml in sham-hysterectomized rabbits on these same days. In contrast, serum progesterone levels were not elevated when hysterectomies were performed on Day 11 of pseudopregnancy and were only partially maintained when hysterectomies were performed on Day 12 of pseudopregnancy. Twice daily injections of prolactin (1.5 mg, s.c.) between Days 1 and 33 of pseudopregnancy were unable to mimic the effect of estradiol in the hysterectomized rabbit. Twice daily injections of indomethacin (8 mg/kg, s.c.) between Days 6 and 23 of pseudopregnancy lowered uterine and luteal prostaglandin F2 alpha levels approximately 10-fold on Day 24 of pseudopregnancy but did not maintain progesterone secretion. Serum cholesterol levels were not altered by hysterectomy on any day and were thus not related to the maintenance of progesterone production. These results suggest that the uterus produces both inhibitory and stimulatory factors that effect luteal progesterone secretion. First, an inhibitor is released between Days 10 and 11 of pseudopregnancy in estrogen-treated rabbits that prevents the rabbit corpus luteum from responding to estradiol.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[1]


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