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Extrarenal rhabdoid sarcoma.

Rhabdoid sarcoma is a tumor of unknown etiology that usually occurs in the kidneys of infants and small children. We report an adolescent with a rhabdoid sarcoma of the chest wall. In addition to the patient's age and the site of the tumor, other unusual features of this case were as follows: positive staining of tumor cells with neuron-specific enolase, the presence of chronic, active, hepatitis that apparently developed coincident with the sarcoma, and the presence of widespread hemosiderosis. Two of the patient's siblings died in infancy with degenerative neurologic disease, hepatomegaly, and multiple congenital anomalies. The histochemical findings and family history lend support to previous suggestions that some rhabdoid sarcomas may be of neural crest origin and may be heritable lesions.[1]


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