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Assignment of human gene encoding thymidylate synthase to chromosome 18 using interspecific cell hybrids between thymidylate synthase-negative mouse mutant cells and human diploid fibroblasts.

We have constructed interspecific somatic cell hybrids between a thymidine-auxotrophic mutant cell line of mouse FM3A cells that lacks thymidylate synthase and human diploid fibroblasts derived from a male patient with fragile X-linked mental retardation. Twenty primary hybrid clones were isolated independently, all of which exhibited the thymidine-prototrophic phenotype. Segregation of the hybrid cells in nonselective culture conditions gave rise to thymidine-auxotrophic hybrid clones. Both electrophoretic assay of thymidylate synthase activity and karyotype analysis of the segregants revealed a strong correlation between the expression of the human form of the enzyme and the presence of human chromosome 18. Thus, it is concluded that the functional gene for human thymidylate synthase, designated TS, is located on this chromosome.[1]


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