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Production in ascites fluid of biosynthetically labelled monoclonal antibody to Theileria parva sporozoites.

A hybridoma cell line has been previously produced which secretes monoclonal antibodies able to neutralize sporozoites of Theileria parva, the causative agent of East Coast fever of cattle. Cells from this line were injected intra-peritoneally into pristane-treated BALB/c mice. During the last 4 days of hybridoma cell growth, mice were given 4 daily intraperitoneal injections of a mixture of tritiated amino acids in order to biosynthetically radiolabel the monoclonal antibody being produced in ascites fluid. The specific activity of the antibody obtained was 100 mCi/mmol. The labelled antibody was used to detect, by autoradiography, a surface coat antigen of T. parva sporozoites in cryostat sections of Theileria-infected tick salivary glands. The method allows the preparation of large quantities of biosynthetically radiolabelled immunological probes for the detection of immunoreactive sites in biological specimens.[1]


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