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Serum kinetics of intraperitoneal moxalactam.

Continuous intraperitoneal administration of antibiotics has been recommended as treatment for peritonitis. The necessity of simultaneous systemic administration of antibiotics remains undefined but usually is performed. Moxalactam kinetics in serum were studied in dogs receiving 15 mg/kg intravenously; 15 mg/kg intraperitoneally; 5 mg/kg hourly with peritoneal lavage; 15 mg/kg intravenously followed by 5 mg/kg hourly intraperitoneally; 15 mg/kg intraperitoneally after 24 hours of peritonitis; and 5 mg/kg hourly by peritoneal lavage after 24 hours of peritonitis. Intraperitoneally administered moxalactam resulted in sustained serum levels compared with intravenously administered drugs. Repeated exchanges in lavage fluid resulted in progressively higher serum levels with each exchange. Peritonitis results in statistically higher levels of serum antibiotic concentration when compared with controls. Continuous intraperitoneal lavage with antibiotics would not appear to require concomitant systemic drug therapy.[1]


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