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Peritoneal Lavage

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Associations of Peritoneal Lavage with chemical compounds

  • In response to in vivo lipopolysaccharide injection, both wild-type and P2X(7)R(-/-) animals display increases in peritoneal lavage IL-6 levels but no detectable IL-1 [26].
  • Recovery of lactate dehydrogenase activity in the peritoneal lavage fluid was increased 5.8-fold after 3 days and returned to normal levels after 14 days [27].
  • One week after duct ligation when PAF levels peaked, an evaluation was made of the effects of PAF antagonists (BN52021 and WEB2170) on pancreatic lesions using Evan's blue extravasation, pancreatic myeloperoxidase (MPO) activity, and acid phosphatase activity in peritoneal lavage fluid [28].
  • Two populations of eosinophils were separated from peritoneal lavages of polymyxin B-treated guinea pigs upon a discontinuous metrizamide gradient: one of low density (between 20 and 22% of metrizamide, purity: 63 +/- 3%, n = 27) and another of normal density (between 22 and 24% of metrizamide, purity: 87 +/- 2%, n = 16) [29].
  • Parallel analyses of peritoneal lavage proteins for protein dityrosine and nitrotyrosine, molecular markers for oxidative modification by tyrosyl radical and (.)NO(2), respectively, revealed marked reductions in the content of nitrotyrosine, but not dityrosine, in MPO(-/-) samples [30].

Gene context of Peritoneal Lavage


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Peritoneal Lavage


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