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Porcine follicular fluid treatment at proestrus diminishes the serum progesterone level of rats in early pregnancy.

Proestrous rats were treated with porcine follicular fluid (pFF) or porcine serum (pS) extract, afterwards they were put with males together. Next morning, the sperm positive females were considered as day 1 pregnant animals. On days 2, 8 and 14 of pregnancy serum progesterone level was determined by RIA. On days 2 and 8 of pregnancy serum progesterone level of pFF treated animals was significantly lower than that of pS treated ones, but it was not different from the controls on day 14 of pregnancy. The decreased progesterone level indicates that there are biologically active endogenous substances in the pFF (presumably inhibin or granulosa cell luteinization inhibitor) which may responsible for some forms of corpus luteum insufficiency and for some unexplained infertility cases.[1]


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