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Chromosome segregation and spindle structure in crane fly spermatocytes following Colcemid treatment.

Chromosome segregation in primary spermatocytes of the crane fly Nephrotoma suturalis was studied after exposure to Colcemid at doses that did not completely inhibit spindle formation. Colcemid was added either to the medium in which larvae were cultured or to Tricine buffer in which isolated testes were incubated. Patterns of chromosome segregation were analyzed in fixed, Feulgen-stained smears of testes from Colcemid-treated larvae and in living cell preparations. Anomalies observed during the first meiotic division at higher than normal frequencies in Colcemid-treated spermatocytes included anaphase lagging of autosomes, chromosomal strands, tripolar and tetrapolar divisions, and unequal distribution of chromosomes to secondary cells. Following those doses of Colcemid that induced the above anomalies, the length of the birefringent spindle in primary spermatocytes was shorter than normal. This effect on spindle length also was apparent in Giemsa-stained preparations of fixed cells, in which the two centrosomes at the spindle poles were differentiated from the rest of the cytoplasm. The results indicate a correlation between the inhibition of spindle formation and the induction of anomalous patterns of chromosome segregation.[1]


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