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The metabolic consequences of experimental intraventricular hemorrhage.

Experimental intraventricular hemorrhage was produced by injection of autologous fresh blood (0.25 ml/kg) or artificial CSF into the right lateral ventricle of 24 dogs. A transient ventricular fluid acidosis (pH drop to 7.09) was accompanied by increased lactate, pyruvate, ammonia, and Pco2, and decreased bicarbonate and glucose. High lactate/pyruvate ratios were the most persistent abnormality. The control group, which received intraventricular artificial CSF, developed minimal ventricular fluid acidosis (pH 7.26). Lumbar CSF and venous blood acid-base parameters did not change. Simultaneous cisternal samples obtained from some of the animals reflected similar metabolic abnormalities of lesser magnitude. Intraventricular injection of sodium bicarbonate normalized the pH in four animals.[1]


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