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Use of gene transfer and a novel cosmid rescue strategy to isolate transforming sequences.

Mouse Lewis Lung tumor DNA was ligated to a cosmid containing a geneticin (G418)/kanamycin resistance gene and transferred into NIH3T3 cells. Recipient cells were first selected for geneticin resistance and subsequently for their ability to grow as a tumour when injected into nude mice. By repeating this transfection procedure with DNA from resultant tumours, geneticin-resistant NIH3T3 cells were obtained which were tumorigenic and contained approximately 1-5 copies of the transferred cosmid. The functional oncogene was cloned by preparing cosmid libraries of third round tumour DNAs, using a cosmid which does not contain a kanamycin resistance gene. Due to the original linkage of the oncogene with the cosmid containing the kanamycin resistance gene, a series of kanamycin-resistant cosmids were isolated, five of which contained an active oncogene. Subsequent analysis showed that the oncogene present was highly related to the human N-ras gene. Using a DNA probe from the MLL N-ras gene, a non-transforming counterpart was isolated from mouse liver DNA. A comparison between the two N-ras genes showed that a mutation at the amino acid position corresponding to 61 in the human gene is responsible for transforming activity of the rescued gene.[1]


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